Scorpion Grass

Under the warm summer night

While the flames dance for the bonfire

The crickets sing their eulogy

What is eternal life? Can somebody actually live forever? When I was a little girl I asked my teachers questions like that and they always gave me the exact same answer every time, “Something like that is impossible”.

Everybody has to die one day, they told me.

When you die that’s it, your story ends, you’re gone forever to the wind. Immortality is only something told of in stories, no matter how you fight it death will come to you. That’s an unquestionable, indisputable fact.

 However, when I matured into a woman I started to question my teachers. The very people who I was conditioned into never questioning. The very people that seemed infallible to a child.

That’s the beauty of growing up, you begin to question everything you believed in so deeply when you were younger. Instead of allowing your betters to come up with the answers for you, you begin to come up with your own.

  And so when I became 15 years old and finally entered high school I came up with my own answer. Immortality isn’t impossible, it’s only improbable. Most people when they die will be forgotten by time and lost to history. They’ll die and their stories will forever be buried within the sands of time. But what if you are never forgotten? 

Could it be possible to live forever?

Despite your consciousness fading away, your memory still lives on. People will still talk about you, you will still continue on existing. Even though death comes, you don’t really die. It’s pretty common with great historical figures. For example the man who conquered a third of Japan, Oda Nobunaga.  Despite being one of Japan’s greatest villains we are still taught about him in our Japanese history classes. Most citizens of our country have probably heard of him even before then.

Even non-Japanese figures such as Homer have found their way into some of the books I’ve read. He’s been forever immortalized in his timeless stories, such as the epics the Iliad and the Odyssey. The same goes for Mary Shelly and Bram Stoker. Although I haven’t read any of their legendary stories myself even I know their names. See, despite not knowing what they’re famous for you still know them. In other words…


Memory is the key to immortality. As long as somebody remembers you you’re still alive. So that begs the question, can anybody become immortal? Most people can’t reach this level of humanity no matter how hard they try. 

Even people who were formally famous fade into obscurity and die forever. In other words you have to have a special talent. Only the talented can reach true immortality. And so I wonder… Can I become immortal, or will I be lost forever to the sands of time?

Knowing me I… I would…

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